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Why OneStockTrader?




Within the reach of beginner and advanced traders

Do you want to learn how to operate in the financial markets?

Do you find it difficult to progress or find consistency in your results as a trader?

Do you want to learn or create your own strategy to be applied consistently on the markets?

Is your capital subject to constant fluctuations?


As an independent trader, I understand the uncertainties and feelings you are experiencing and I am available to help you to improve.

The programs that you will find on my site will help you in your study path, regardless of your level of experience in the markets.


Content available for life and community

Choose the program that best suits the path you want to take and get content that will remain yours forever. You will find theory, practice and exercises to improve your knowledge and operational tools that can fully support operations on the markets. 

Share your journey with other users and become part of my community.

Professional mentor at your support

As a certified financial technical analyst, I work with people who want to gain confidence and change the way they operate in the markets. During the learning journey, you will receive my full support. Contact me for free with any questions and increase your potential.

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Create a community of professional
and like-minded traders

The mission of my site is to create a community of passionate and determined traders, united by the belief that success in trading is possible thanks to the sharing of knowledge, experiences and strategies.
I am committed to providing an inspiring and collaborative environment where traders of all skill levels and styles can feel comfortable learning, engaging and growing together.

My aspiration is to become the point of reference for anyone wishing to embark on a growth path in trading, supporting the personal and professional evolution of our community members through high quality services, training and constant support.
Together, we work to build a prosperous and sustainable future in the world of trading, based on solidarity, innovation and a dedication to the pursuit of shared success.

About me



Andrea Bellani

Andrea Bellani

I work in the province of Como as an independent trader and trading coach, helping people to achieve their goals. The essence of my work is the development of theoretical and technical knowledge that supports the trader to face the markets with confidence and full awareness.

I am mainly concerned with creating customized trading plans and providing the necessary strategies and tools to guide you towards your goals.

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Certificato Analista Tecnico SIAT

My Values

Valore - Passione


The passion for what I do is like zero-cost fuel for my motivation

Valore - Responsabilità


The responsibility of what I propose and teach is the basis of an honest and lasting relationship with the people who follow me

Valore - Innovazione


I am constantly at the forefront of research and development of advanced technologies, to offer innovative solutions to my customers

Valore - Supporto


It represents my constant presence by your side to help you achieve your trading goals

"There is nothing new in Wall Street. There can’t be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again."

Jesse Lauriston Livermore

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