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The Trading Coaching package offers comprehensive training to individuals interested in learning the basics of trading and developing their own unique trading strategy. The package is available in two formats, 5 lessons of 90 minutes each or 10 lessons of 90 minutes each, all delivered individually. During the coaching sessions, I will work with clients to identify their preferred trading style and provide personalized guidance to help them succeed in the markets. I offer ongoing support throughout the learning journey to ensure my clients have the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful in trading. In addition to personalized coaching sessions, clients will receive recordings of each session for future reference. I also provide a comprehensive PDF summary of the lessons covered in each session, ensuring clients have a thorough understanding of the topics discussed. The coaching package includes: ✔ 5 or 10 personalized coaching sessions of 90 minutes, depending on the package chosen ✔ Recordings of each coaching session for future reference ✔ A comprehensive PDF summary of the lessons covered in each session ✔ Continuous support and guidance throughout the learning journey The Trading Coaching package is designed to equip clients with the knowledge and skills they need to develop their own successful trading strategy.



    2 Plans Available, From €197.00


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