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Trading Services


Elevate your knowledge with my training services and
personalized coaching

Service Trading Coaching


The one-to-one financial markets trading coaching service is designed to meet the needs of each individual trader, ensuring a personalised and high quality experience.

Thanks to continuous support and attention to detail, I am committed to understanding and meeting the specific needs of each client.
The valuable technical tools provided allow you to operate on the financial markets immediately, ensuring that each trader is equipped with the necessary skills to achieve desired goals.

The service is extremely versatile, adapting to any trading style and personal goal, in order to offer a learning and growth experience tailored to each user.

Training courses

My training courses offer a wide range of possibilities to enhance your knowledge and skills in the world of trading, covering different styles and objectives.
Among the available options, you will find:

  1. Investments and Position Trading: Ideal for those who want to learn how to invest in stocks and manage their investments over the medium to long term, this course offers insights into how to analyze market opportunities and make strategic decisions to maximize returns.

  2. Swing Trading: This course focuses on swing trading, i.e. the practice of profiting from price fluctuations in the short to medium term. You will learn to recognize market patterns and develop effective swing trading strategies to seize the opportunities that arise.

  3. Day Trading: Perfect for those who want to dedicate themselves to day trading, this course provides the necessary knowledge to operate on the market effectively and quickly, taking advantage of price fluctuations within a single day.

In all courses, I provide valuable technical tools needed to start trading right away, ensuring that every aspiring trader is equipped with the necessary skills of technical analysis and fundamental analysis to face the market with confidence.
The courses are designed to be versatile and suitable for every trading style and objective, allowing you to choose the educational path that best suits your needs and ambitions.

Service Trading Courses
Service Trading Signals

Trading signals

The trading signals offered are designed to support traders every step of the way, providing detailed and timely guidance to facilitate informed decisions based on their preferred trading style. Here are the types of trading signals we offer:

  1. Day Trading Signals: Ideal for day traders, these signals provide timely information on emerging market opportunities, enabling day traders to act quickly to profit from price fluctuations throughout the day.

  2. Signals for Swing Trading: Designed for swing traders, these signals offer in-depth analysis of market trends and price patterns over the short to medium term. Swing traders will be able to use this information to identify trading opportunities and plan their market entry and exit strategies.

  3. Position Trading Signals: Aimed at traders who favor long-term investment strategies, position trading signals offer detailed analysis on the long-term growth prospects of specific stocks or assets. These signals help position traders make informed decisions about capital allocation and portfolio management.

The trading signals offer has been carefully studied to ensure the highest quality and usefulness for each trading style, allowing traders to benefit from our skills and knowledge to improve their performance on the financial market

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